Want to be a better communicator?
Want to be a better communicator?
Our constructive learning environment equips clinicians with an indispensable expertise: how to navigate tough conversations about serious illness with ease.
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From online courses to in-person workshops, we offer multiple entry points for busy clinicians to embark on our learning path.
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While all face-to-face training courses have been postponed through the remainder of 2020 due to COVID-19, we are excited to announce NEW virtual course offerings, including Virtual Mastering Tough Conversations. Check back to find a course that will suit your schedule.

For self-paced online learning, please register for our Delivering Serious News below.
Delivering Serious News
Learn how to strengthen communication skills and connect more deeply with your patients. Enroll at any time and complete at your own pace over the course of 8 weeks! Available for 5 CME Credits. Preview the course here.
Online Course On Demand (8 weeks of access)
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Virtual Mastering Tough Conversations
VitalTalk's Virtual Mastering Tough Conversations course consists of two elements: self-paced online modules that will introduce you to VitalTalk's signature talking maps and relevant skills; and virtual live classes where you’ll put the skills you learned into practice with simulated patients.

You will learn and practice delivering serious news and goals of care conversations with seriously ill patients and their families in a community of your peers, led by facilitators experienced in the VitalTalk evidence-based learning method. Before the live classes, you will complete brief prep work and meet your colleagues online. During each live class, a specially trained facilitator leads you through interactive exercises and role play with a live simulated patient. After the course, you have the opportunity to continue learning on VitalTalk’s website.
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Mastering Tough Conversations
VitalTalk’s signature advanced communication skills course features cognitive mapping, deliberate practice, and just-in-time feedback. Results are immediate, significant, and promote lasting improvements in a medical practitioner’s ability to meet patient and family needs around end of life care. Preview course here.
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Faculty Development
Intensive 4-day train-the-trainer faculty development program for clinicians who want to become VitalTalk faculty. FAQ

An intensive four-day training separated into two sessions. The first two-day workshop will give you a deep preparation for using core skills in your own practice. Then, 3-6 months later, after you have practiced your new skills and have had time to reflect on them, you will return for a second two-day workshop that teaches you how to run your own Mastering Tough Conversations programs in your institution (both sessions mandatory to graduate). Preview course here.
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